WatchGit brings GitHub to your Apple Watch. You can the app from the AppStore here. You can create issues, comment, add and remove labels, assign and more.

Use it whether or not you have your phone nearby, since it works independently of your watch, over Wifi or cellular.

Create Issues using Siri on your watch: “Hey Siri, Create a note Testing 321 in WatchGit”. In order to use this you’ll need to enable Siri support for WatchGit on your phone, by saying “Hey Siri, Create a note Testing 321 in WatchGit” and tapping “Yes” (this is a one-time thing). You’ll be prompted for the repository/folder.

This is what it looks like:

But if you’ve missed compatibility with a specific Apple device, you no longer need to worry about it. WatchGit is a new third-party client for GitHub that lets you access the platform from your wrist with the Apple Watch. 9to5Mac